Works For Me Wednesday: Makeup Help

This week, Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer is hosting a “Backwards” edition of Works For Me Wednesday.  Instead of sharing something that is working, she asked that we share a dilemma.

Awhile ago, I ordered the free sample set of mineral makeup from EveryDay Minerals, after Lindsay posted about it.   I love the fact that I’m not putting weird chemicals on my skin.  So far, I have enjoyed using the blush.  I just need to use a tiny bit, and it gives a natural color.  
My dilemma is the powdered foundation and concealer!  Can someone tell me how to use this wonderful (so I’ve heard) mineral makeup?  I’ve always used matte creme-style foundations.  Any advice is appreciated!  
I never had a big sister/mom to show me how to put on makeup, so I’ve always been a bit lost in this area.  But now I’m truly baffled.  Help! 
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