A Boring List

There are some things I want to accomplish over the next couple of days (Fri-Sat), and instead of letting them all jumble around in my head, I’m just going to write them down.  Bear with me as I type out my boring “to-do” list.  I’ll cross things off as I complete them, and add to the list as I think of things.  (I love lists!  Do you?) 

  • Make Smoothies (put leftovers in refrigerator for Gen’s snack)
  • Wash Blender Calvin completed this for me. 
  • Find Missing Library Book (Apparently, the VCR was the ideal storage location.)
  • Unload Dishwasher
  • Re-Load Dishwasher
  • Put Away Dishes in Dish Drainer
  • Rinse & Oil Cast Iron Pan
  • Hand Wash Other Dishes Calvin completed this for me.
  • Hand Wash Pink Wool Sweater & Lay Out to Dry
  • Wash Diapers
  • Wash Cleaning Rags
  • Wash Another Load of Laundry (Smoothie spill at snacktime!) 
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Dust Tea Cup Collection Shelves
  • Fold Laundry
  • Put Away Laundry
  • Put Away Diaper Rags & Sort Some for a Friend
  • Put Away Diapers
  • Pull Out Winter Comforter (and switch out Fall Quilt)
  • Finish Applique
  • Re-Roll-Up Spools of Thread
  • Find Missing Embroidery Scissors (If I don’t find them soon, I may need to resort to my trusty Leatherman!) 
  • Tweeze Eyebrows (Sorry, some things just have to be written down!)
  • Change Crib Sheet
  • Design/Sew Sleeves on Shirt
  • Wash Mirror in Gen’s Room (Too many kisses for “the baby in the mirror”!)
  • Pack a Few Boxes
  • Copy Down Recipes halfway done!
  • Tidy Up Library Books in Living Room
  • Bake a Pie
  • Strain Kefir
  • Make Conditioner
  • Unpack Backpack
  • Bring In Toy Dishes From Outside
  • Make Laundry Detergent
  • Pick Tomatoes
  • Pick Up Flash Cards, Books, Dolls, and Legos (with some help!)
  • Return E-mails
  • Freeycle Post

Clip Art courtesy of Gayla’s Graphics.

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