This week, I have been incredibly thankful for a lovely weekend away with my husband!  We went on a camping/hiking trip to the coast- just the two of us, for the first time.  We are so thankful for a dear friend, who stayed with Gen all weekend.  (And, it appears they had lots of fun!)

Calvin and I were able to take a gorgeous 5-mile hike, up to a glorious, blustery cliff overlooking a cape.  (We also observed such wildlife as slugs, snakes, and deer!)  We picked a sack full of yummy salal berries on our way back down- a special gift to take home for our berry-loving girl.  The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed an evening walk on the beach, as we watched the sun sink beyond the horizon.  
We were able to leisurely go through our day, freed from the time-requirements of potty training and toddler-feeding.  (But, oh- we missed her!)  Conversation over meals was a delight (as it didn’t involve saying “Drink your milk,” and such), and we were able to focus on each other.  As we watched the waves crash upon the shore, we remembered the time of choosing our daughter’s name, and thanked God for our sweet blessing.  
We were able to return home warmed from the sun and wind, slightly dusted with sand, and refreshed for new changes ahead (updates on this to come soon!).  
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