Living A Simple Life-Part 28 (Perfect Moment)

Simple Thurs

Do you ever have one of those times when you just feel an overwhelming sense of “rightness?” That perfect moment, surrounded by God’s joyful blessings?  It seems that when life is lived simply, those moments are more easily noticed.  When we are busily scurrying amid errands, it is easy to form “tunnel vision” and ignore the beauty around us.
Today was a glorious fall day!  There was a crisp coolness to the air, as I hung laundry out to dry (a beautiful selection of fall-colored thrift store finds for sewing projects!).  Although the sun came out, highlighting the changing colors of leaves on the trees, the chill never fully faded. 
The cool air was a blessing, as we were in and out of the kitchen cooking up 22 lbs of pumpkin today!  It was nice to open the door, and let the fresh air blow through while the canner bubbled away, and I did a few more loads of laundry.  
I reveled in the scent of spiced pumpkin butter around me, as I hand-stitched creamy white lace onto a soft, lovely piece of pink angora for most of the day.  There is something about autumn that just makes me want to stitch away on snuggly-warm fabrics, slowing down to embellish here and there with creative free-hand designs.  I seem to move away from the utilitarian mending of the rest of the year, and savor each stitch.  
Today was also butter-making day, and the abundant rich cream of the summer seems to be dwindling, as the weather changes.  But we still have plenty!  (We get our raw cow’s milk through a local dairy, and picked up our weekly order today.)  As the mixer whirled the cream into butter, I sliced up fresh heirloom tomatoes for dinner.  We couldn’t resist them at the Farmer’s Market this week, even though our container-garden tomatoes are still producing a few small fruits occasionally.  
I did pick a couple tomatoes off the vine today, and added them to my stash in the freezer.  We anticipate enjoying them on a dreary cold winter’s day, later on!  
As the evening has drawn to a close, we are snuggled into pillows and afghans, sipping cups of our homemade apple cider, listening to instrumental Christmas music on Pandora, and reading/writing.  God is good.  
Blessings to you, dear one!  Enjoy the simple pleasures of today.  

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