Living A Simple Life-Part 30 (A Fresh Start in Moving)

Simple Thurs
I’m typing this surrounded by moving boxes.  The table I sit at will migrate to the moving van in the morning.  We’ve made multiple trips to our new apartment, with carloads of boxes over the past couple of weeks. Moving can be such a time of upheaval.  Not just the obvious, physical aspect, but also internally as well.
It always seems like a “fresh start,” and yet there is so much to be done.  When packing up one’s belongings, an evaluation seems inherent to the process.  Decisions are made regarding what to keep, and what to eliminate.  Over the past year, we have been almost ruthless in our “paring down.”  
As we have simplified our lives and home, we boxed up many items to give away through various avenues of donation.  Once we made the decision to move, much of the decluttering had already taken place, thankfully.  I have been awed at how much easier packing is for this move, compared to our other ones.  As we disposed of things, we have also chosen more sustainable options than just tossing everything into the dumpster.  Items that were useable, but unnecessary to us, were given to those who had need of them.  (And some things were transformed, to land in my shop!) 
With every move, there are also deadlines to meet (with move in/out dates and van rentals), and boxes to acquire and fill.  Our landlords have been steadily working to complete our apartment by the end of the month, but there are still projects to be done.  However, we have had such a peace about the whole situation.  Our previous move consisted of a muddle of confusion and frustration.  Although this move still has its unknowns and deadlines, I have noticed a different attitude in our approach this time.  God has done much molding on our hearts this past year.  
We are eager to see what our Abba Father has in store for us in our new home.  We place our hands in His, and ask for guidance as we begin life in our new home.  We are moving to a neighborhood full of sustainable living resources, and a close proximity to our church, friends, and other activities.  Above all, we must keep our focus on what God has for us, and not become overly awed by all the world provides us in our new location.  Most of all, we are simply His.  

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