Vintage Bargains

After completing some consignment sales this week, I was able to go thrift store shopping!

Since I have worn solely dresses since this spring, I have wanted to add a new slip or two to my wardrobe.  Here is what I discovered:
A vintage (late ’40’s) Kickernick slip and a 1970’s Deena camisole, both in perfect condition.  (I needed new ones, and these were perfect finds- especially at $2.50 apiece!)  
I have found vintage lingerie to be of a much better quality than current items.  They are well-made, with attention to detail, and nicely fit (often sized in measurements, instead of just generic numbers).  I also love the simple romance of the abundant vintage lace, as well.  
Not only were these items less expensive than brand-new, store-brand items, they are of a more long-lasting quality, as well.  (For example, I have a vintage slip previously worn by my mom, which has been handed down to me as an heirloom.  It is still in good condition, and I look forward to passing it down to my daughter.  It is not my size, so it is carefully stored away.)  
I also love the sustainability of purchasing vintage items; giving them a “new life,” instead of continually wasting discarded items in favor of sub-par new ones.  
I will be sharing more of my thrifted finds later in the week!  
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