Works For Me Wednesday: Kitchen Organization

This week’s “Works For Me Wednesday” edition at Rocks in My Dryer is on Kitchen Organization.  My favorite organizational tool in the kitchen is this set of wall-mounted canisters from Ikea.  They hang from a rail attached to the wall above my stove.  

I use three canisters: one each for forks, knives, and spoons.  It’s easy to toss the silverware in after they are washed (no more getting them “just right” in those “silverware drawer organizers”), and even better, no more silverware drawer!  My drawers are now free for holding fun things like my paper towel-replacement rags.  
I also have an S-hook (found at a garage sale), that I hung from the rail on a whim.  It has worked perfectly for hanging a set of measuring spoons!  Now, I have a set of spoons that I can easily find, without searching the living room (from Gen’s “pretend kitchen” endeavors).  
It works for me! 
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