Works For Me Wednesday: The Virtuous Handkerchief

At one time, every real “lady” carried a handkerchief with her in social settings. (And, of course, there was the romance of a gentleman offering his handkerchief to a distressed damsel.) However, the virtue of these lovely articles now seem to be much forgotten.

Grocery stores offer a ridiculously ample selection of tissue boxes; begging us to buy these items, just so we can throw them away.  (Whose budget needs that?)  Yes, there are recycled tissues available, but waste is still being generated in some form (and monopolizing part of my budget).  
I have been in love with hankies for most of my life.  As a preschooler, I began collecting them, and hankies given to me by grandmothers are now family heirlooms.  I carried one at our wedding (the middle one in the photo, with little pink rosebuds).  Also when we married, I gave gifts of Irish linen handkerchiefs to my new sisters-in-law (in coordinating with our Irish-themed wedding).
During my recent thrift store shopping, I came across another hankie (the purple-trimmed one in the photo), and I quickly tossed it into my cart.  Since I was shopping at a store that charges by the pound, I knew the lovely, lightweight handkerchief would cost me next to nothing.  (And its cost-saving benefits would far outweigh the cost I did pay.)  As hankies are so small, they are easily tossed into a load of laundry, with minimal impact. 
I have not purchased any boxes of tissue since this spring (except for a box requested by my little sister during her visit this summer).  We are “surviving” delightfully without them!  It has been such a joy to see my grocery list of “needed” items shrinking.  
I always carry a pretty hankie in my purse or pocket, and Gen always has one in her diaper bag (and instantly asks for it if she sneezes!).  We even met a little girl (about age 3), carrying her own little hankie at the library yesterday!  (Perhaps the handkerchief-carrying virtue is returning?)  
I rarely see hankies in thrift stores, but I always like to keep my eye out for them.  If they have some slight damage, holes can often be mended by a bit of embroidery.  Or, you can make your own!  
What about you?  Do you carry a handkerchief?  It works for me!  
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