Living A Simple Life- Part 31- A New Place of Rest

Simple Thurs

During our move this week, I have been repeatedly reminded of the blessings of simplicity. A season of transition can often bring about new perspectives and attitudes, for better or worse.

We have prayerfully covered each day, striving to allow God’s guidance upon us.  It has been our hope to glorify God daily, as we interact with our new landlords.  Some occasions have been especially challenging, as we sought to gracefully express our concerns.  Thankfully, God’s hand was apparent to us in each situation.

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” Colossians 4:6

Work is still being done on our apartment, but we are grateful for our landlords’ generous nature in helping us establish our new home. (They even baked a batch of pumpkin muffins for Calvin & Gen, as I didn’t have time/dishes for doing much baking!)

Moving always gives a sense of “uprootedness,” and living amid remodeling only adds to that unsettled feeling. (Not to mention the time change!) However, more things are being unpacked and put in their proper place each day.

In the midst of the scurry of life around us, God has faithfully been our peace. During the mundane tasks of finding a post office, updating our DMV & insurance records, and other relocating routines, His joy has been bestowed upon us.

In a sense, God has allowed a new form of simplicity into our lives, as we realize how much we tend to take for granted. It can be freeing to step outside of the “same old” comfort zone, and experience life in new parameters. (We only moved across town; an international experience would definitely take this to a more profound level!)

On a small scale, when most of one’s belongings are in boxes, their necessity (or lack thereof), is quickly apparent. It is soon obvious how little we really need in life. Whether the new season involves giving up a measure of privacy, comfort, or convenience, God is faithfully all-sufficient. Above all, a refreshing sense of gratitude emerges, when we allow it.

God has called to my heart on occasion this week, urging me not to become so absorbed with unpacking “things,” that I neglect what is truly important. I have often cuddled my little girl on my lap, sitting in between boxes, to read her favorite stories.  She often asks us to sing to her while we are washing, unpacking, or driving, and we joyfully comply.  We have also taken walks together, to splash in puddles and find rocks and leaves.  (By the way, she bounced by quickly after only a day or two with her cold bug!)

Gen is growing up so quickly, and I don’t want to miss a moment! We set up her toddler bed for the first time Tuesday night.  Oh, where has my baby gone? (She will certainly tell you that she is “not a baby, she’s a kid!”) :) She has also become more proficient in identifying colors, and pronouncing words these past weeks.  Her education continues, even during this special season.

In the evenings, Calvin and I have relaxed with homemade hot chocolate, and read books. (On Monday night, we worked on our voting ballots.) I finally finished reading the first of the Mitford series (recommended by Kate awhile back), and it was a wonderfully pleasant light read. I have also immersed myself on occasion with reading Jane Brocket’s new book The Gentle Art of Domesticity, which has become a quick favorite. We are also still reading Love & Respect together.

We have also enjoyed special moments of rest. Our new home is much quieter and more secluded, compared to our previous apartment. It has been a definite answer to prayer, that we have the blessing of quiet nap times for Gen (and us, if needed!), as well as through the night. One morning this week, we visited the nearby bakery where we purchased our wedding cakes six years ago. It was fun to take our daughter there for the first time, and reminisce over a piece of gluten-free cake. We look forward to simple pleasures of the days ahead, in exploring our new neighborhood, and experiencing new opportunities with our church family.

We are in the process of establishing new routines, and adjusting to life in our new home.  I thank you all for your sweet notes and prayers during this time!  I pray you have a blessed week.

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