Living A Simple Life- Part 32

Simple Thurs

Have you noticed that I am getting this post up later than I usually do?  Internet hasn’t been completely set up at our new apartment (provided by the landlord), so I’ve been creating new routines!  (But even those routines don’t always go as planned.)  
At first, the inconveniences of not having immediate online access at home were quite apparent.  But after awhile, I realized that I just needed to be more prepared!  With the library located several blocks away from our home, and offering free wireless access, a solution was readily available.  
This has been a good opportunity to create a new routine for the time we spend online.  Instead of having the constant option to “just Google something real quick,” I can stop and evaluate what is really important.  By jotting down a list of my online tasks, I can efficiently complete everything during my scheduled library trips.  
During our recent move, the biggest challenges we faced were due to the transition (receiving e-mails from Calvin’s work supervisor, regarding work shifts, and paying bills).  Now that our daily routines have smoothed out a bit, this has become easier.  
By scheduling into my day an hour or two at the library, I can plan ahead for my times of bookkeeping for my Etsy shop, meal planning for the week, regular blog posts, e-mail correspondence, and even a bit of time for just visiting my favorite blogs (without spending all evening online!).  

Sometimes I go alone, and other times I do take Gen with me.  When she comes along, I tend to get less done.  But I am able to complete some quick tasks.  I plan these quick trips for her “quiet reading time.”  First, we pick out a few books from the library shelves.  Then she sits at the table with me, in her comfy stroller, and looks through her books.  When it is time to go, she gets to pick out a couple books to take home with her.  We have been working on emphasizing the importance of using a “Library Voice,” and being respectful to others around us.  
One way of making this system workable, is writing my blog posts ahead of time on our laptop at home, while Gen is sleeping.  Then I just copy & paste them into my online blog, once I am at the library.  
We may end up with the ability to access the internet at our home soon, but this seems to have had a positive impact toward organizing my online time.  What a blessing!  I didn’t expect to have my life simplified in this way (even though I had already been contemplating ways of simplifying my computer time).  But this occasion has shown me that it is certainly possible.  

If you would like to put my “Simple Living” button on your blog, feel free to copy & paste the code located on the right side of the page. Let me know if you do, so that I can visit your blog! To read previous “installments” in my “Living a Simple Life” series, click on the “Simple Living” tab at the top of the page. You are welcome to leave comments on any of the posts; I read them all. Let me know if this has inspired a blog post of your own! Each Thursday, I write a new post in this series, so stop by next week!

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