Unexpected ‘Friends’

I love how my daughter takes such joy in life, and makes ‘friends’ wherever she goes.  However, I was completely taken by surprise by her utter awe with…

(You mean, you don’t know Bob?)  

Here… maybe this will help.

Yes; we have a cupboard full of lovely gluten-free products from the local Bob’s Red Mill.  All of them feature their logo (including Bob’s friendly smiling face).
Gen regularly visits “Bob” throughout the day; stopping to open the cupboard, and say “Hi, Bob!”  After chattering away for awhile, she then says “Night Night, Bob!  Bye Bye, Bob!” and shuts the door.  She gets quite excited when it is time to cook with Bob.  
One day, while watching Daddy mix up some muffins, we told her that he was stirring in the flour.  She remembered the other day, when I had told her that flour is made in a mill (“that’s what Bob does”).  So she said, “Bob flour!”  I frequently use recipes from their website, and Gen loves talking to Bob on the computer screen, too.  If she notices the website, she will often ask me for flour to “dump” and “stir” (her words).  
Another friend in our home, is probably due to our family’s love for Emergency Response personnel.  (Daddy goes to work and drives an Ambulance!)  My little girl loves making siren noises and pushing her toy fire truck around on the floor.  So, perhaps that is the connection to her love for our fire extinguisher.  
After visiting Bob, she generally toddles on over to the fire extinguisher, and prattles on about “hot fire” for awhile.  Then she says “Bye Bye, Fire,” and off she goes to other adventures.  

Aren’t you glad we have such a friendly home? :)  
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