Weekly Wrap-Up: Colors & Numbers

I’m a day late to participate in this Weekly Wrap-Up, but since it’s been bouncing around in my head for awhile, I wanted to go ahead and jot it down.

We’re not “formally” schooling Gen at this point, but since she is constantly clamoring to learn, we gladly feed her obsession. :)  Technically, our society may consider her “too young” for schooling (at *almost* two!), but when I see a little person in front of me, full of growing ideas, questions, humor, and insight, I choose to ignore her “age,” and give her what seems appropriate.  
These past two weeks, she has been especially focused on colors and numbers.  (She also has had an ongoing curiosity with letters for the past few months, so the alphabet is a regularly-occurring topic, as well.)  Gen is also very musically-oriented (constantly making up her own songs), which we love to encourage.  
I typically meld these topics into my daily activities around the home, keeping an awareness for her questions and focus.  We also incorporate a few reading times together during the day.  
During our trips to the library these past couple months, Gen has begun setting aside the baby/toddler board books, in favor of the “easy reader” juvenile picture books.  This week, Gen has especially enjoyed one of the classic books from our home shelves, Color Kittens, by Margaret Wise Brown.  She also loves the Richard Scarry books, which are full of letters and colors to identify.  
We have been singing The Color Song, which has been a favorite song during car rides.  I remember enjoying this song during my own preschool days, and was thrilled to find it mentioned in the book Young At Art, by Susan Striker.  Gen also loves to hear us do “counting rhymes,” such as “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe.”  
Whether it is with her wooden blocks, picking up leaves in the lawn, or while digging through the laundry basket, there have been many opportunities for identifying colors.  (Just the other night, she told me her toothbrush was a “Blue Dino”– and it really does have a blue dinosaur on it!)  
Crayons and paper are perpetually spread throughout our home, since she regularly asks to “Color.”  There has been some confusion over the fact that “orange” really doesn’t taste like “orange,” though. (One of those slight frustrations with the English language, which doesn’t differentiate between the two, like other languages do!) 

Gen has been constantly walking around saying “One, Two, Three” (or sometimes “One, Two, Five!,” since we started adding Four and Five this week).  She uses this phrase interchangeably, as she tries to count items (like lights on the ceiling) or as a countdown before an activity (like hopping into the bathtub).  
Signs, t-shirts, and books all contain letters and numbers.  Gen has become increasingly aware of their existence, and often excitedly points out “Letter!” or “Number!” when she notices them during our day.  I usually identify the letters by their sound (as recommended in the book Mommy, Teach Me!), and she will often repeat them back.  
She is such a fun person to spend the day with!  
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