WFMW: Homemade Air Freshener

In an effort to avoid the awful toxins of commercial air fresheners, I have been working on a more healthy (but effective!) solution.  After a bit of trial & error, here is what works for me:

I basically used this recipe.  I preferred a bit of a stronger lavender smell, so I made a slight adjustment, and added about 10 drops of essential oil.  I’m thinking that a cinnamon or eucalyptus oil might be fun for Christmas-time!  
I filled a spray bottle, and added a homemade label.  I used a pretty scrapbooking paper that coordinated with our bathroom colors.  (The original recipe suggested refrigerating this; I don’t see a need, and would find it rather inconvenient!)  
This is easily mixed up, and makes a perfect touch to the bathroom, as you prepare your home for guests this holiday season.  The step of mixing baking soda & vinegar is especially fun, if you have a little one helping you!  
Homemade Air Freshener
1 cup water
4 teaspoons baking soda
2 tablespoons white vinegar
10 drops lavender oil (or other essential oil)


1. Mix vinegar and baking soda until foaming stops. 
2. Add essential oil and then the water.
3. Shake well to combine.  

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