Frugal Friday: Gifts for Under $2

As I promised yesterday, I wanted to share the gifts that I made for Gen’s birthday.  I made her a set of toy food, and a pair of mittens (for our day in the snow)- all for under $2!

I went to the local craft/sewing store, and purchased 4 pieces of felt and 4 skeins of embroidery floss, for a total of $1.96.  I cut out pieces of the felt, and stitched them to look like food; occasionally embroidering/appliqueing them.  The felt was an “eco-friendly polyester” (made from recycled plastic bottles).  

I sewed most of them during our Thanksgiving road trip.  I still have quite a bit of felt and embroidery floss leftover, too!  I packaged them up in a pretty repurposed box (originally stored a set of candles).  She was awed by the “pretend food” and has played with them constantly since her birthday.  

For her mittens, I traced her hand on a piece of scrap paper to make a pattern, and cut out the mitten shapes from an old sweater (full of holes) that I got off of Freecycle.  For this project, Gen stood beside me at my sewing desk the entire time, begging for her mittens, and thrilled with the sewing process.  

I embroidered flowers on them, since the brown fabric wasn’t very pretty.  Then I attached a wide ribbon (also from Freecycle) to go through her coat sleeves (we have a problem in our family with losing mittens!).  They worked perfectly during our outing, and she loved them!  

For more Frugal Friday ideas, visit Biblical Womanhood.

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1 comment to Frugal Friday: Gifts for Under $2

  • Patty

    Love it and shared it with a few friends! I'm thinking about horses, dinosaurs, cars/trains, etc. Fun fun. I want kids! :-)
    So speaking of sharing ideas…I came across this and thought it was something you would like too…
    I'm thinking an oval 'race track' could be easily made for horses/cars too. More or less detail can be put in than shown (using scraps from about the craft bin or thrift store finds). Double sided for double duty. I was also thinking (depending on size) it could be made as or with a coordinating drawstring bag for storing the little cars/horses/dolls etc. It seems this would fit your simple/organized/homemade/frugal style! I can't wait to make one for my nephews.


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