Living A Simple Life-Part 35 (Two Years Old)

Simple Thurs
Happy Birthday!

Dearest Gen-girl,

It is so amazing to see you turn two today!  Two years ago, as you lay in your hospital bassinet, our prayers were raised toward heaven, praying for a family.  Steven Curtis Chapman’s Christmas song* played on the radio in our living room, in the background of our constant prayers, as we sat in front of the fire.  
When a call came a day later, notifying us of your birth, our hearts leapt at the joy of your existence, and we celebrated the miracle of new life entering this world.  We placed all our hopes and dreams in God’s hands, and peacefully waited for His answer.  We spent that evening listening to the last of Focus on the Family’s Narnia Radio Theatre program together, and eagerly awaited future days of sharing C.S. Lewis’ works with our child.  
As the night grew later, a “knowing” sensation settled upon our souls; not a sense of wishful false hope, but a true “rightness.”  We bonded with you across the miles, baby girl.  We just knew that you were our daughter!  After a prayerful sleepless night, a morning of fasting, and a scramble of washing layette items, the confirmation phone call came. We wept in awe with the pleasure of being your parents.  
We love to tell you the story- just as much as you love hearing it- of the adventures during our first week as a family.  It seemed so surreal- even now.  We finally held a baby in our arms!  
As these two years have gone by, each milestone and memory has been so precious.  It was incredible to see you crawling and talking at 5-months-old (hearing you say “Hi, Dad!” and finding you in the bookshelf, browsing The Very Hungry Caterpillar).  
When you pulled yourself up to standing at 7-months-old, your exuberant dancing filled our days (and continues today!).  Your passion and joy for life and for learning has brought us so many smiles (as well as keeping us on our toes!).  
Conversations with you are so much fun, as you daily add to your vocabulary, and express your thoughts- and jokes!  Life is certainly never boring when you’re around.  Your love for others is contagious, and your creative independence is inspiring (and patience-building!). 
These days, you are so quick to tell me that you are “a kid, not a baby!”  But every once in awhile, I get a glimpse of that sweet, vulnerable baby face that whimpered up at me in the night.  And I give thanks- for who you were, for you you are, and for who you are becoming.  
At first glance, parenting can seem so complicated and overwhelming.  It is filled with challenges and surprises.  But I love how you encourage us to love you simply: to laugh at your jokes, blow you kisses, read you story after story, feed you “num-nums,” run through the grass, be consistent with boundaries, and snuggle you close in your nest of favorite blankets while reading your Bible.  
God has taught us through you that one can never be fully “ready” or prepared for a child.  But He is ready and faithful to provide for this incredible blessing of new life, as His glory is displayed.  His peace and wisdom are abundant, when we take our focus off of worries and frustrations, and look to Him instead for the answers.  (I’ll try to remember that!)  Thank you, sweetie, for being patient with your parents, as we learn these lessons from our Father.  
We eagerly await the days to come, and give God thanks for blessing us with you.  We daily place you in His hands, knowing that ultimately, you belong to Him; not to us.  You are His treasure, my dear.  A daughter of the King!  Always remember that, Gen.  
Even before I met you, I prayed for God’s anointing upon you, to raise you up to be a virtuous woman of grace.  I have been astonished to see examples of graciousness already extended from your heart.  Every day, we pray for God’s hand upon your life, and that you will extend your life and hands to Him someday.  
We joyfully embrace this day together as a family!  Happy Birthday, dear one.  
We love you!
Dada & Mama

*This year, our hearts ache for the Chapman family, during their year of grief, and our prayers are lifted up for them- a family who has encouraged so many others.  

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4 comments to Living A Simple Life-Part 35 (Two Years Old)

  • Tammy

    Hi! This is so encouraging…we are checking into growing our family through adoption right now, Lord willing. Our kids are 13, 15, and 21; we are unable to have more, even after tubal ligation reversal surgery (trying to undo what was tragically done in our 20's). Any advice? God bless!


  • Michele @ Frugal Granola

    Thanks for stopping by, Tammy!
    I don't have a contact address for you, so hopefully you'll stop back by. :)
    I pray that God will bless your family and encourage your hearts. A journey of adoption takes a lot of prayer and endurance; but God will sustain you. We loved working with Bethany Christian Services.
    Feel free to e-mail me if you have more questions or thoughts. :)


  • Tammy

    Thank you. Yes, I am finding this does take much prayer. I have realized I need to take a step back now and let my husband take the lead. (I was the one excited.) He knows my hope (as does God!) and I need to be still now to wait for him to bring up the subject of adoption.

    In the meantime I pray. I have even prayed that the Lord would take away my overwhelming desire to have more children if it's not His plan; it can be so painful. (So far that hasn't happened!)

    Thank you for your blog.
    Take care and treasure those little children of yours!! (I know you do!)


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