Merry Christmas! (Living A Simple Life-Part 38)

Merry Christmas, friends!

Christmas in our home is quite simple this year.  I look forward to sharing our homemade gifts with you later, once they’re unwrapped!  There isn’t much under the tree, but we are joyous with having time together, celebrating Christ’s birth.  
We attended a candlelit contemplative service earlier in the month, but due to snow/ice, most of our church services have been cancelled since then.  We eagerly await tonight’s Christmas Eve service.  It has always been a favorite time of year, but having waited these weeks without worshipping with friends, it is especially anticipated.  
We won’t be able to spend Christmas day in person with family, due to snow and distance, but hopefully we will be able to share the day with them either on the phone or with free video calls on Skype. (This is especially fun, in order to see the little ones!)  
We have been listening to Christmas carols around the clock on the radio, but Christmas morning always begins with a CD recording of Handel’s Messiah!  So celebratory.  The morning also includes a leisurely homemade breakfast (with oranges from our stockings!). 
Traditionally, we have locally-caught crab for Christmas dinner.  I’m keeping things simple this year by baking a favorite dish: a crab & spinach quiche, instead of an elaborate seafood dinner. I made a large batch of cranberry-orange sauce at Thanksgiving, and I can easily thaw out a jar to have with our dinner.  Then I’ll just add a pan of green beans, and a homemade pumpkin pie! 
Spending the evening munching on walnuts from our stockings and sipping cider or cocoa while reading the Christmas account (if it hasn’t been read earlier) by candlelight, playing board games, or watching an old Christmas movie is a perfect end to the day.  
May your day be blessed! 

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