On This Day…

(I’m not sure where the wedding photo CD ended up after our move, so here is a photo of a framed one!) 

Six years ago, I joined hands and hearts with my Beloved.  Today is our wedding anniversary! What amazing seasons God has brought us through, and I look forward to the coming days with a joyful hope.  Thank you, my love.  As I look at this photo, I see what kids we were those years ago, but I am even more honored now to be your wife, than the day you knelt before me with your proposal seven years ago.  

I giggle at the thought that we are “growing old” together; our anniversary plans today include a morning of browsing the thrift store and library!  (Dear friends offered to watch Gen for a couple hours in the morning, and she is thrilled to visit them.)  How nice to just be together, enjoying quiet moments.  
Happy Anniversary, my dear!
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