Cold Remedies From the Kitchen

Gen has been recovering quickly from her sinus cold; each day brings significant improvement. (Thank you, God!)  It has been a blessing to be able to nourish her little body with items we have on hand in the kitchen.  (And with these remedies, there is no “forcing medicine” on her; she’s taken everything we’ve served up quite readily!)  There are many natural remedies available for cold symptoms.  Here is a handful of remedies from our kitchen that have worked well.

Sore Throat/Throaty Cough
  • A Spoonful of Raw Honey, as needed (usually about every 4 hours, or before sleeping) This is a good throat coat to soothe irritations, as well as offering the healing benefits of raw honey. 

  • A Cup of Rose Hip Tea, with some raw honey stirred in. Rose Hips are a wonderful source of vitamin C, and the tea has a sweet, pleasant taste. This is a soothing, healing remedy for many illnesses.  (For a toddler, having “A cup of tea like mommy/daddy” has been especially fun!)
  • Gen has also enjoyed some Fresh Juices, made in our juicer (usually consisting of apples, carrots, oranges, and raspberries/strawberries from the freezer).  These thick, nourishing juices were especially soothing on her throat, as well as offering rich sources of Vitamins C & A. We also occasionally mix in some Nettle Tea with the juice. (Nettles are rich in iron, minerals, and vitamins, and the juice helps mask the “green, grassy taste,” which is often a new flavor. This is also a good remedy for many ailments, as it has a “flushing” effect.)
  • Warm Lemon Tea with Ginger; add either a dash of ginger power, or a grating of fresh ginger. Ginger has warming, healing properties (but this may be a bit “spicy” for little ones, and better for adults).  You can use a natural lemon tea bag, or warm up a cup of homemade lemonade.  Stir in some raw honey for extra benefits.
Sinus Congestion
  • A Cup of Homemade Chicken Stock; heat and then stir in a raw clove of minced garlic and a dash of cayenne powder. For extra nutrition, you can whisk in a scrambled egg into the stock while cooking. A tablespoon of Coconut Oil stirred in is also helpful, as it contains many anti-viral/antimicrobial properties.

  • Or, add the minced garlic and cayenne to the raw honey, and eat in a spoonful (but be prepared- this is hot!).  The garlic and cayenne have excellent cleansing properties, and will help promote drainage. They are good remedies for many illnesses.
  • For little noses, we’ve found a Saline Spray (or make your own), along with the trusty “bulb syringe” baby nose suction works well. (As well as an ever-present handkerchief, and encouraging lots of blowing!) :)
Overall Wellness
  • Water with a dash of real Lemon Juice (make sure it’s the kind without preservatives). Lemon is often soothing, and offers Vitamin C.  Drink regularly throughout the day; keeping up on the fluids is so important! You can drink this warm or cold, according to your preference.

  • We have noticed that Gen responds especially well to a Fish Oil Supplement during the winter. She loves the natural strawberry flavor, and asks for her “Strawberry Milk” every morning (we add the 1/2 tsp to her milk).  Vitamin D is especially useful in preventing those constant winter colds (if you have a reoccurring or lingering cold, this is especially worth exploring).  Nordic Naturals is a good brand, as they make sure it does not contain high amounts of mercury, which is common in many commercial fish oil products, and they offer both adult and children’s supplements. 
    This past month, we had run out of the supplement, and with my “sleepy pregnancy brain,” I had forgotten to get more. She always seems to catch a cold bug if we go a significant time in the winter without giving her this supplement. Once we restart giving it to her, there is always a significant change in her countenance and symptoms!  With her darker skin, combined with our living location, it can be difficult for us to ensure she gets the adequate sunlight needed for the necessary Vitamin D, so this helps. 

For more natural cold remedies, Lindsay offers some great suggestions, too: Cold Remedies for Children. We especially like the eucalyptus rub. We’ve also found that a few drops of essential eucalyptus oil in the vaporizer in her bedroom is especially effective while she is sleeping.

Visit Tammy’s Recipes for more Kitchen Tip Tuesday ideas! 
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