Living A Simple Life-Part 42 (Go to Him)

Simple Thurs

This week, I have been so blessed by frequent reminders of what a personal God we serve. I came across this quote, and wanted to share it with you.
“Go to Him without fear or trembling; ere yon sun goes down and ends this day of mercy, go and tell Him thou hast broken the Father’s laws- tell Him that thou art lost, and thou needest to be saved; tell Him that He is a man, and appeal to His manly heart, and to His brotherly sympathies. 

Pour out thy broken heart at His feet: let thy soul flow over in His presence, and I tell thee He cannot cast thee away…

… though thy prayer be feeble as the spark in the flax, He will not quench it; and though thy heart be bruised like a reed, He will not break it. 

May the Holy Spirit bless you with a desire to go to God through Jesus Christ; and encourage you to do so by showing that He is meek and lowly of heart, gentle, and tender, full of pity.”  (Charles Spurgeon, at Newington on March 9, 1873)

Blessings to you, dear friends, as you pour your heart out to our Saviour, and place your hand in His today.

Join me over at Passionate Homemaking today, for our Titus 2 talk on “Thriving on One Income.”  See you there!
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