Nourishing Resolutions 2009

I mentioned at the beginning of the year, that I tend to avoid New Year’s resolutions, in favor of setting goals throughout the year.  There have been a few ideas mulling around in my head, in regard to nourishing my family this year.  Kimi’s Nourishing New Year’s Resolutions Carnival has been a great opportunity to write them down!

  • For about the past year, we have had a good sourdough recipe/routine established (using whole wheat, spelt, and/or oat flours). I somehow got side-tracked from creating my gluten-free sourdough bread, though! I would love to restart that process (once my pregnancy-induced bread aversion ceases). I would also like to experiment with a soaked gluten-free bread recipe using the Weston A. Price Foundation’s recommended recipe.

  • In meeting with my team of midwives yesterday, I discovered that they have the same goal I do for nutrition: to faithfully follow the “Brewer Diet.”  The goal is to have 75-100 grams of protein per day from nourishing sources (along with the necessary nutrients in leafy greens, vitamin C-rich foods, and grains).  Since preterm birth and preeclampsia are common in my family, this is a huge focus. They also included the goal of ensuring adequate salt and water intake as well to address these concerns- especially as summer arrives!
  • These nutritional goals are encouraged for a healthier baby, birth, and nursing. I would love to nourish our new little one through breast-feeding for quite awhile, so my goal is to consciously focus on preparing for this (such as through nutrition, working with the midwife who specializes in lactation, and having natural gluten-free herbal supplements on hand for postpartum). I am hoping this is something that we can get well-established, but I also have the link marked for the nourishing homemade formula recipe.
  • We have been sharing outdoor composting with our landlords. However, their inconsistent composting techniques leave much to be desired, and we are limited in what we can change. So, our goal is to switch to a worm-composting system, in order to produce some good compost for our spring/summer planting!
  • I would also like to restart sprouting seeds on a weekly basis, such as chia or clover sprouts. For quite awhile, I was regularly sprouting sunflower seeds, but with our move, that gradually decreased. Fresh green sprouts for the winter (and any time of year!) are delicious, and I look forward to trying new kinds! (I especially love them as a salad or on a sandwich with avocado and/or salmon- wonderful protein and fatty acid sources!)
  • We have had mostly a stash of borrowed cloth diapers for Gen, which are needing to be returned. Our goal is to purchase or make a set of cloth diapering supplies as a resource for our family (hopefully something like these one-size-fits-all pocket diapers).
  • We also would like to obtain more Biblical education resources for our children (especially to use during church services). We love the Jesus Storybook Bible, many of the Max Lucado books for children, the “Holiday Discovery” books, as well as our old hymnal and the Christian radio station!
  • Another important goal is to find a local naturopathic practitioner for our family’s health needs- especially before the new baby arrives. We have community natural health centers close by us in case of an urgent need- which we haven’t needed, thankfully!- but would like to actually establish care with a provider as a resource for our family.
  • We have already been brainstorming freezer meal ideas for this summer/fall. We are anticipating a need for quick, easy meals during the end of my pregnancy in the heat of the summer and during the postpartum season. When Gen was born, we relied on an abundance of microwaved packaged foods, as we struggled to eat some dinner and finish the dishes, in between juggling a new baby with an early bedtime! I would love to have nourishing (and gluten-free!) meals available for our family during this time, while still allowing for plenty of rest. This will be a special challenge since our bed is located right next to the kitchen area. (We don’t want to be keeping each other awake with meal prep/clean-up more than necessary!) My goal is to gradually stock the freezer (which our landlords have graciously made available for our use!) with a good supply of meals to easily reheat in the toaster oven or stovetop.

    Most of all, we will be praying for God’s wisdom and guidance over the coming year. We are so grateful for the days He has given us, and strive to be good stewards of all we have received, while cherishing each season.

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