Cream & Chive Dip

Every afternoon after lunchtime, Gen hauls a stack of books to her bed for “naptime.” While she’s crashing around in there “napping” (playing with toys until she collapses with a pillow & blanket), I usually spend some time refocusing. I like to pull out a devotional and a snack (or occasionally hop in the shower!) or a cup of tea. (Once she actually falls asleep, I usually try to rest myself, too.)

One of my favorite snacks lately has been a stack of carrot sticks and a homemade dip. It’s a great way to get my Vitamin A for the day (along with the veggie/fiber), as well as a bit of protein. Plus, I’m not getting all that unhealthy grease from something like “chips and dip.” :) This dip reminds me of the exact flavor of the “sour cream & onion” chips that my family would get for BBQ’s when I was a kid!

Cream & Chive Dip
2-3 Tbl. cultured Cream Cheese (Nancy’s has a great version, or make your own!)
1-2 Tbl. plain Yogurt
1 tsp. dried Chives
1/4 tsp. powdered Celery Seed
Dash each of Paprika & Black Pepper
Sea Salt to taste

Mix all ingredients together, and serve with one carrot (or other veggies), cut up into sticks. Serves one. This makes a thick dip (almost a spread); if you prefer it thinner, just add more yogurt.

A little quiet time in the middle of the day is something I definitely appreciate when I am blessed with the opportunity!

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