Gratituesday: Blessings of Generosity

During these past months, I have been so thankful for God’s provision through the generosity of others. As we look forward to the birth of our new little one this summer, we have placed all those “baby needs” in God’s hands. We have been so surprised by His blessings during this season!

Weeks ago, I discovered a post on Freecycle, where someone in our neighborhood was offering a bag of neutral baby clothes. Gen climbed into her wagon, and off we trekked across the gravel streets to pick up this wonderful gift. She loved exploring the tiny contents of the bag as I pulled the wagon home. (“Look, Mama- booties!”) :) Once I got home, I explored the bag myself, and was thrilled to find a stack of little newborn T-shirts, along with some other basic items we were lacking for a summer baby. (Most of the items we have from Gen’s infancy are fleece, etc. for a winter baby!)

A couple lovely readers of this blog spied upon my Amazon wish list, and surprised me with the amazing- and much needed!- gift of nursing bras (to wear throughout the pregnancy as well). (Oh, it’s so nice to be able to breathe again!) Thank you so much, dear friends!

Some local friends extended their generosity of offering me their maternity clothes, which have come at just the perfect time, with my belly popping out so early! I have also sewn some clothing, which I look forward to sharing with you later. I was blessed to discover that a local fabric store was offering a large sale on a day we were nearby, so that I could stock up on fabrics and thread. I’m especially appreciative of maternity sewing tutorials online, as I haven’t needed to buy any patterns!

This month, we were also blessed with a free midwife appointment (usually costing us $100). They had to cancel my first consultation in December due to the snowy roads (which would have been a free “interview” appointment). In January, we paid their retainer fee to establish care. (A Christmas gift check had arrived in the exact amount we needed for the retainer!) We had forgotten about the promised “free appointment,” but they hadn’t. We appreciated their kindness and integrity in waiving our February fee.

The blessings just continue to abound. It is so encouraging to see God’s faithfulness in caring for our family. We have come to realize over the years that there is no “perfect time” for having children, but there is a perfect God who cares. As we place our children in His hands, He continues to provide for their needs- abundantly.

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