Living A Simple Life-Part 44 (Mama Sewing)

It has been so nice this week to finally be out of the first trimester of my pregnancy. I tried hard to treasure the season, but a “breath of fresh air” is nice. I still have my “pregnant” moments (snacks & naps are good!), but I’m not quite so bleary-eyed as before.

I actually sat at the table this morning to do a little bookkeeping for my Etsy shop (instead of curled up on the couch), while Gen read her new library books.

I also spent some time making a coherent list of sewing projects I’d like to complete in the next 6 months. I’ve had occasional moments of inspiration over these past months, but didn’t have the motivation to actually do anything about them! My list is probably rather ambitious (good thing I like to sew!), but it was so nice to be able to think through each project idea. 

There is an assortment of ideas ranging from maternity wear (needed now), birthing/postpartum items (such as rice heating packs and mama pads), and projects for the baby on my list. I’m still hoping to give creating cloth diapers a try, although I really can’t imagine making the full set of 36 or so that we will be needing! But I love the idea of simple little homemade diapers clothing my little one’s bum- at least occasionally. Some of the more basic projects, such as washcloths, should be more manageable.

I’ve realized that in the rush of Gen’s sudden appearance in our lives, I never took the time to create a quilt for her. In my time of waiting for a baby, I made quilts, towels, and other detailed gifts for other little ones, but not for my own! I’d like my children to have the joy of homemade quilts someday, and perhaps a baby quilt would be a pleasant way to step back into this joyful endeavor. 

Gen’s favorite baby blanket (an essential for sleeping!) is a minky dot/satin-backed white blanket, given to her at birth by her youngest auntie. It is definitely a priority to make sure that her little sibling has his/her own; I’m thinking a deep chocolate brown would be perfect. (Although sewing satin is not high on my list of favorite sewing techniques!)

I’ve also realized that with my expanding size, the extra-small pocket sling that Gen & I cherished together for 18 months (and fit me perfectly!), will likely not be a perfect fit for quite awhile (if at all). Perhaps a ring sling this time around?

You can see the ongoing list of my project ideas on the lower right side of my blog page (so for all you bloglines folks, you might want to pop over and take a peek). :) Some of these projects have been marked for over a year, as I hoped for a chance “someday” to need/get to make them! Now, with our new little one, plus little nieces/nephews all due to arrive this year, I’m abundantly blessed with opportunity. I’m planning for my first fabric store trip of the year this weekend, during a 35% sale!

I don’t think this is true “nesting” yet, but it is definitely nice to have some of my creative juices restored a bit. I’ve also enjoyed a new motivation for Gen’s learning projects. I’m taking it in “baby steps,” but it’s starting to move from “just get through the day, and try to stay awake” to more focused endeavors throughout the day. (I have been thrilled to read all the project inspiration that Amy at Clothesline Alley has been sharing lately!) I was able to introduce Gen to “crafts” this week, and it was fun to see her blossom under the privilege of using craft supplies!

These times of creating and sharing life with our children are precious simple pleasures. As we look back on the rushed, early days of Gen’s babyhood, we are hopeful for a different atmosphere this time around. I am choosing to give my children quality homemade products (made either by me, or perhaps off of my Etsy favorites list), instead of buying into the abundant commercialism of baby products. (Which was largely due to my long hours spent at a job outside the home at that time.)

I also want to share the beauty of life with them, by creating not only “essentials” but beautiful, creativity-inspiring items as well. Our Creator God has given us such a beautiful palette of colors and senses to experience the world in, and I hope to encourage that focus in our little ones as they grow up. I want them to know that life is not about acquiring things, but in using what God has given us for His glory (which includes ensuring that the products we do have in our home are safe and ethically made).

I am striving to walk through this season with my Saviour & Lord, experiencing all that He has for me, as He molds me into the wife and mother I need to be.

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