Living A Simple Life-Part 46 (Simple Valentine’s Day)

This past weekend, it was so much fun to share the simple joys of Valentine’s Day with Gen!  I realized that if it weren’t for her, I probably could have easily let the holiday go by without much ado.

But with a two-year-old in the house, it was easy to see the holiday with new eyes; everything was new to her! (Since she didn’t really remember last year.) 
She was fascinated by the decorative hearts on her thrift store shirt (picked up for a few cents- sold by weight- in anticipation of the day).  The day was full of identifying heart shapes, the color red, and talking about how/why we show love to people. (Recently, Gen has been loving on our baby by trying to tickle, hug, and kiss my belly; so cute!) 

I pulled out craft supplies (including a great length of red thrift store lace), and we spent the morning creating valentines for each other while Calvin was at work. Gen was thrilled with the chance to squeeze out abundant amounts of Elmer’s Glue and color with red pens!  Calvin was so blessed to receive it when he came home. 
Inspired by PurlBee’s Sewn Valentines, I used an old map (from SCRAP) instead of white paper, and magazine clippings instead of fabric scraps, along with some machine-sewing to make a card for him, myself. I clipped out two hearts from magazine pages for the front of the card (one showing cupcakes, and one a close-up photo of baby hands). The inside sentiment said “Happy Valentine’s Day from your Sweetie and your Baby.”  
Calvin also blessed us with surprise gifts of flower bouquets!  It was so precious to see Gen’s joy at receiving her very own bright pink flower, as he showered his Daddy-love upon her.  (He said that he wanted her first flower to come from her daddy- not some other guy!) :) It is also our prayer that she will grow to know our Heavenly Father’s love for her, as she gets a glimpse of it through her daddy. 
Calvin also went to the work of creating me a homemade valentine- while at work! In between calls, he sat in the ambulance, and cut and pasted scrapbooking paper to make me a card, along with a lovely note. He said the trauma shears worked great for clipping the paper. :)  What a man. I was so proud of him for not being embarrassed for others to see how he loved his wife, and to watch the process of his card-creating. 
It turned out to be a simply pleasant day of celebrating God’s love for us, and our love for each other! 

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