Living A Simple Life-Part 47 (A New Season)

In choosing to live simply, we choose to trust God for our daily provision- one day at a time. We are content in living with “just enough.” knowing that many others in this world lack even that. So, when God blesses us with abundance, it is overwhelmingly precious.

In seeking to raise our family in a healthy environment of “just enough,” we have realized that it is time once again for us to move. God faithfully sheltered us through the winter in our current one-bedroom basement apartment, and has immensely provided for our needs. During a season of Calvin establishing his new employment (hired as a part-time, on-call employee), we had no guarantee of a steady income. But God met all of our needs!

Recently, Calvin was hired on as a full-time employee! At the same time, many life-changes have occurred to our landlords (living above us). Their life changes are beginning to encroach on our family’s pursuit of a healthy environment, and it didn’t seem like mere “coincidence” that these events occurred simultaneously. Just when it became obvious that we needed to move, God provided the resources.

We sought a new living situation that would provide “just enough” for the upcoming new season of our growing family, and were thrilled to find a cute little one-story, 2-bedroom house for rent within our budget, and still close to church and Calvin’s work. It’s an older home (built in 1906), but it seems just right for us. 

We hope this new privacy of our own living space will provide rest during what can be a tiring season, as well as avoiding disturbing neighbors with fussy little ones. It also includes updated appliances, such as a washer & dryer- much needed for my planned homebirth!  
There is also a back porch and yard, so we are looking forward to getting back to our spring gardening, and seeing Gen return to her puttering around in the grass and dirt. We are awed at the thought of having our own bedroom again (until a little one joins us!), after years of sleeping in the living room. This is definitely a special blessing. You can see a photo of the house below.
Photo courtesy of Hanna Realty

We will go in to the office this morning to sign the paperwork, and plan to move during the first week of March. We have received moving boxes for free through Freecycle, which is such a blessing! We have also received some offers from friends to help us pack/move. (Oh, thank you!)

As we enter this new season, we place our hand in God’s; following where he leads us, and looking forward to the future ahead. Life with Him is always such an adventure, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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