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February 2nd, 2009
Outside my window: There aren’t any windows in my room. (I was just outside though, and it feels deliciously like a spring day, and full of sunshine!) 
I am thinking: I should take a nap. 
From the learning rooms: Still focusing on potty learning (and trying out lots of new bathrooms while we’re out on errands!). I also introduced Gen to “crafts” yesterday, which involved cutting out/gluing pictures from magazines, coloring, and stickers. She’s still a bit baffled by the glue stick, though. 
I am thankful for: We got to hear our little baby’s heartbeat for the first time today!
From the kitchen: A green salad with homemade salad dressing, jalapeno Monterey Jack Cheese and Homemade Lemonade
I am wearing: A lavender maternity t-shirt, a pale aqua lace/cotton skirt, and dark blue leggings. 
I am creating: Brainstorming homemade Valentine card ideas, and plan to begin working on them this week. 
I am reading: The Pregnancy Herbal
I am hoping: The new washing machine arrives soon. The laundromat trips aren’t my favorite. 
I am hearing: The music on my blog. 
Around the house: Calvin is sorting mail, and Gen is taking a nap. 
One of my favorite things: Being curled up in a homemade quilt, with a good book. 
A few plans for the week: Shopping for a pair of maternity leggings (cold weather isn’t over yet!) and a trip to SCRAP for Valentine supplies. 
A picture thought I am sharing: A photo at twelve weeks pregnant! (Sorry I wasn’t able to stand back far enough to get my head in the picture. Maybe next time.) :) 

Edit: Go here to see a “Before” picture (the 2nd photo shows a similar side view). :) 
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