WFMW: Homemade Natural Lip Balm

For Christmas this year, I decided to make us all some homemade lip balm as stocking stuffers. (Yeah, I know- it’s the middle of February, and I’m still talking about Christmas!) But anyway, we needed some, and then I ran into the lovely Deb at our Advent Conspiracy craft fair, where she had a fabulous recipe available. I was thrilled to notice that I had all the ingredients for the “Lip Moisturizing Balm,” so the project was born.

Calvin thought the sesame oil sounded “weird” (it’s probably fine, but it seemed to bring up thoughts of “stir fry” in our house!), so I looked at the empty tube of my favorite organic lip balm for ideas. The main ingredient was extra-virgin olive oil! So, I decided to use a combination of olive oil and coconut oil instead of the sesame. 

I also didn’t have any peppermint essential oil on hand, so I just added a dash of Frontier’s alcohol-free peppermint flavoring. (The orange oil sounded fun, too, but I didn’t have any of that, either; although I did contemplate using a lemon flavoring that I had in my baking cupboard. Peppermint seemed more festive, though.) :)

It turned out perfectly! It was just the right consistency, and smelled wonderfully-delicious.

I refilled my existing lip balm tube, and then filled three small spice jars, which I reused for this purpose. (The spice jars could then be used as a “potted” lip balm, or for further re-fillings of my lip balm tube down the road. I go through a lot of lip balm, so it was nice to know that we have quite the stockpile for awhile!

One of my favorite features of homemade lip balm, is that I know all the ingredients! Many lip balm manufacturers will include that sneaky wheat germ oil (so prevalent in cosmetics), that causes my severe reactions to gluten; not to mention other chemicals that are often added to cosmetics. (Remember the statistic that women consume four to nine pounds of lipstick in their lifetime? Ew.) 

Well, no worries about eating this; it’s just purely natural! It adds such a nice shine, I haven’t worn expensive lipstick at all anymore (even when Calvin treated me to a date at the symphony), since making this.

It works for me!

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