Finer Things Friday

Today was definitely full of finer things!

Gen was thrilled to wake up to a day full of sunshine (and so was I). Right after breakfast, she headed outside to “do gardening” (playing with all the flower pots, rocks, water, etc. that she could find), while humming little tunes. I watched her from the open sunny kitchen window, enjoying the morning breeze, while washing dishes. 
After lunch, we were blessed with a quiet time of rest. (I don’t think either of us actually napped, but we rested in bed with books.) Nice. 
I got four more boxes unpacked! It is so nice to see our books back on the shelves, and have more kitchen utensils within reach. A woman (off of Freecycle) came and picked up more of our boxes- hooray for eliminating more clutter! The other day, I was also blessed by a friend, who came and unpacked all of Gen’s clothes. She saved me the achey work of bending back and forth, putting clothes from the suitcase to her dresser (and she’s coming back tomorrow!). :) 
I was able to spend a bit of time catching up with my mom and sister-in-law over the phone today, which is a rare treat. 
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