Gratituesday: Potty Learning

These past couple weeks, I have been so thankful for our potty-trained two-year-old! It has been such a blessing to not be hauling around bags of diapers during our recent traveling and now our moving. Potty-learning has been a gradual journey, starting at her preference for the potty, starting around 14 months. She especially loved earning stickers!

She does still use night-time diapers, and we were blessed by a lovely reader, Jennifer, who mailed us a box of hand-me-down night-time cloth diapers in the larger size that we were needing. (She has just been using medium-sized ones, that we’re borrowing.) I am glad I picked up a big stack of toddler training pants/panties at a local consignment sale this past fall, too.

We had a few months of a “set-back” in using the potty, as Gen adjusted to my tiredness of early pregnancy. Once my first trimester ended, we were able to spend more time focusing on her and the potty. Traveling actually seemed to help everything “click” together, as she was so excited to use our friends’ and families’ potties! :) She even did well for the most part when those “Rest Area Ahead” signs were coming up, and we urged her to “hold it for a few more minutes!”

I am also enjoying this short break before jumping back into the diapering season again with our new little one.

I am so proud of you, sweet Gen girl! Good job!

This is Gen’s favorite potty seat, which is kept in our car for potty trips during outings. We received a set of this style of potty seats off of Freecycle.

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