Living A Simple Life-Part 48 (God’s Faithful Care)

This has been an interesting week of cuddling a little one with a tummy bug, while trying to get gradually moved over to our new home. On Tuesday, God blessed us with the arrival of some friends, who began packing up my entire kitchen for me!

This was a special blessing, since within just minutes of their arrival, Gen’s illness suddenly hit by surprise. We were able to spend the afternoon in the bathroom with her, while our friends handled the packing. Like I told them, “I think God knew we were going to be needing you today!” :)

We spent the evening juggling our sick little one, and the resulting loads of laundry. She spent the night on a small bed alongside ours, and the worst of the illness seemed to have passed by the middle of the night, thankfully. She’s still a bit fussy and recovering, though. She has started to ask to eat, but still seems to need plenty of rest. (She’s loving the “Veggie Tales” movies right now, as she sips on re-hydrating coconut juice!) Gen rarely gets sick, so this was definitely a new experience for all of us. It was nice to be able to call a local mommy friend, who offered moral support for me that day!

On Wednesday, she seemed well enough to travel in the car, so we borrowed a friend’s big truck and took a load of boxes to the new house. She ended up sleeping there in her new room, in the little baby travel bed, while I began a bit of unpacking/cleaning. (She’s pretty much outgrown the bed, but it worked for her short nap.)

It was such a blessing to be able to attend to my tasks in the kitchen of washing out drawers and unpacking dishes, with natural light! There are three windows in the kitchen, and I thoroughly enjoyed the sunlight. Since we’ve spent the winter in a basement apartment, our lightbulbs were always on. Now that spring is arriving, I am thrilled to be able to experience the sunshine in our new home! (Ah, what simple pleasures we often forget!)

Soon after we arrived at the house, our landlord randomly stopped by to introduce himself. It was good to meet him (and for him to meet us), and begin establishing our rental relationship. He mentioned that his wife and daughters were the ones who recently completed the painting, etc. inside the house, and shared about his hopes for the future improvement of the home.

We are still evaluating our furniture, and contemplating where things will fit inside the little rooms- especially once our newest little one joins us. I have also been mulling over curtain options for the many windows in the house (ten!). We have a collection of curtains from our many moves, thankfully, but I will probably need to make or buy a few more (along with curtain rods).

I’m just trying to simply take it one little task at a time, and Calvin is faithfully reminding me to rest, eat my protein, and drink my water. We have been so thankful for the friends God has provided on our moving journey this week. It is such a joy to witness God’s faithful care.

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