Living A Simple Life-Part 49 (Journey in Simplifying)

Wow… what a day (and I’m not quite sure where it went!).

We had originally planned for it to be a quiet family day at home, but so much of life and moving in has caught up with us, I think. It’s definitely time to tuck our little “Miss No-Nap” into bed, and serve us up a lasagna dinner for two- after her promised scoop of ice cream. (I think I even know where a candle or two are stored!) 
The day was a full one, and we tackled lots of necessary tasks in a bit of a chaotic manner (yeah, sorry- our home isn’t always incredibly peaceful- just in case you thought it was). :) It is so nice to see this place gradually becoming home, but it can be rather overwhelming to see all that still needs to be done. 
We began the morning leisurely, with a delicious gluten-free pancake breakfast (using sorghum, teff, and tapioca flours). Then, I was at the sewing machine all day, completing a lovely custom order for an Etsy shop customer (and searching in various boxes packed by friends for my supplies)
Calvin manned the kitchen for the day, and reminded me to drink my water. I tend to get so focused on my sewing, that I actually forget to eat- not good for a pregnant mama! :) He also rearranged the living room furniture to their (hopefully) final resting places, hauled heavy boxes in/out of rooms, cleared up Gen’s bedroom, and introduced himself to the neighbors on one side. 
We were also up and down answering the door all day, since we had posted plenty of moving boxes and other items on Freecycle today, which people gladly picked up. (I still have more things to go, too- but another time.) 

The bones from a roast chicken simmered on the stove all day, producing a lovely amount of chicken stock for tomorrow’s soup dinner.  We had the back door open all day, and the sunlight poured in. We were also able to watch Gen as she played outside, returning to puttering at her “gardening” (playing with watering cans and flower pots) and munching on a snack. She also had some potty accidents today, which added to the ‘excitement’ of the day. 
So, I think I need to simplify my moving tasks. I think I’m still trying to do too much in one day. I was inspired in reading Bethany’s Lenten Spring Cleaning List, as she simplifies a huge undertaking into manageable small amounts each day. Grasping the idea that settling in will take awhile (well, certainly longer than a couple days anyway!), is definitely the viewpoint I need to be carrying- especially now that I need extra rest, and bending over is becoming increasingly difficult. 
Yes, another sort of journey in simplifying. But I think this will be good. 

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1 comment to Living A Simple Life-Part 49 (Journey in Simplifying)

  • Anonymous

    We moved from our apartment into our house this summer with our almost two-year-old son and me being pregnant. There are still a few boxes in the cellar that need to be emptied and everything put in its place. It really takes time, especially if you have a whole lot of other stuff to do aswell.
    I really know what you are talking about :)


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