The Simple Woman’s Daybook

March 2nd, 2009
Outside my window: There aren’t any windows in my room, but the weather outside is a glorious spring day! 
I am thinking: I’m glad we got some boxes moved in to our new home today. 
From the learning rooms: Counting and shapes. We also picked up a stack of library books today. 
I am thankful for: A wonderful midwife appointment today, where I sat and enjoyed conversation and a cup of peppermint tea. A midwife was able to quickly find our big, happy baby by feeling my tummy, and we heard the adorable little heartbeat through the fetoscope. I’ve been blessed these past couple weeks by feeling this little person dancing inside of me- especially while singing in church! 
From the kitchen: A fresh loaf of quick Sorghum-Pumpkin Bread (made from homemade pumpkin butter), and lots of glasses of water. 
I am wearing: A striped maternity top, a pale aqua lace/cotton skirt, with an ivory shrug. 
I am creating: Packing/Moving plans. I completed sewing two maternity skirts, and will wait to sew again until after we move. Hopefully, I can finish making some more birthday/thank-you cards, though. 
I am reading: The Vaccine Book

I am hoping: For a restful evening after a busy day of errands. 
I am hearing: Hymns playing quietly from Pandora online. 
Around the house: I’ve just tucked Gen back into bed for a nap, and I’ll soon be starting a lentil stew for dinner. I’ve just brought in a load of laundry to fold while the stew cooks. Calvin is taking another load of boxes to the house. 
One of my favorite things: Laughing with my Beloved. 
A few plans for the week: Packing. Bible Study. More Packing. Moving! 
A picture thought I am sharing: A photo at sixteen weeks pregnant (with our partially packed shelves in the background; you might be able to spy my jar of shea butter on the shelf, too.) :) 

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