The Simple Woman’s Daybook

March 9th, 2009
Outside my window: A grey sky, and a mix of snow and rain is falling. The first batch of snow from this morning has melted off, but I can still spy a few flakes clinging to the rhododendrons outside my window. 
I am thinking: I am planning out the order of tasks to be completed today. 
From the learning rooms: Lots of Bible lessons… God loves us, and takes care of us. We can pray to Him, and ask him for healing when we are sick. 
I am thankful for: Gen seems to be gradually recovering from her illness; it turns out not to be the stomach flu, but a minor liver issue that is resolving. She is sipping some Dandelion Tea with milk and honey right now. 
From the kitchen: I am enjoying a cup of warm milk with a dash of vanilla, and just finished a slice of homemade Sorghum-Pumpkin Bread, leftover from last week. 
I am wearing: Layers! It’s chilly today. A blue button-up top with a blue flowered skirt, along with black leggings and a black cardigan sweater- and my red leather slippers. :) 
I am creating: A home. It feels a bit like living in a storage unit at the moment, with all the boxes sitting around, but I’m gradually creating little havens of rest. Our kitchen is mostly unpacked, the beds are made, and laundry is ready to come out of the dryer. 
I am reading: A quick devotional for the day. Books are waiting until I tackle some more unpacking. 

I am hoping: To make a good dent in the unpacking today. 
I am hearing: The classical music radio station, and Gen’s humming/sipping. I just heard an ambulance go down the street, since we’re just around the corner from an ambulance post. (I’m hoping Calvin may get to post there today, so I can take him some warm tea at lunchtime!) 
Around the house: Smells of cinnamon and vanilla from the kitchen. I am noticing little colored pencils stashed in various “hide-aways” throughout the house- just at eye level of a certain little person. :) 
One of my favorite things: Enjoying the completion of small projects and a fresh clean start. I cleaned the curio cabinet yesterday, and its embossed glass window sparkles anew! 
A few plans for the week: Unpacking, returning books to the library, beginning my seeds/plant starts order planning. Thankfully, I don’t need to order more chives; they’re still flourishing from last year’s planting in a flower pot! 
A picture thought I am sharing: A photo of our living/dining room area- before moving in our belongings! The closed door is the bathroom, and the open doorway leads to the kitchen and the back door. Bedrooms are on the right. (The walls look brown in the photo, but they’re actually more of a dark antiquey-golden yellow.) 

Photo courtesy of Hanna Realty. 

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