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Each week, I post a Bargain Meal idea, based on our local New Seasons Market ad of the week. This week, I am combining coupons I have on hand, to go with the sales. I am converting a “packaged foods” vegetarian recipe into one that is more frugal and nourishing. Sale items are marked in red, with links to the coupons for your convenience.

This week’s recipe is based on “Lentil Spaghetti.” I find healthy pastas to typically be prohibitively expensive, and not very nutrient dense. Thus, I usually substitute a cup of whole grain (such as rice, millet, or quinoa) in place of the pasta- it’s delicious and filling! This recipe also calls for canned lentils; I just use dry lentils. They cook up very quickly! This is a great way to use up leftover rice (or another grain), too.

Click Here for the Full Original Recipe:
Lentil Spaghetti
1 cup dry Brown Rice (Lundberg), cooked to make about 4 cups= $0.46
1 tablespoon Olive Oil (Napoleon Extra Virgin) = $0.18
1/2 fresh Onion, chopped = $0.39
1 teaspoon bottled minced Garlic = $0.12
2 cups favorite prepared Pasta Sauce (Muir Glen on sale for $1.99/can + $1.00 off coupon) = $0.99
1 lb. dry Lentils (cooked & drained; makes about 5 cups) = $1.99

Prepare according to recipe directions. Serve with a side of veggies.

Serving Suggestion:
Serve with 1 pkg. of thawed & heated frozen organic veggies of your choice.
(Cascadian Farm on sale for $1.99/pkg + $1.00 off coupon) = $0.99

Total Cost: $5.12 (for 4 servings)

Visit $5 Dinners for more Bargain Meal ideas, based on the sale ads in your area! Contributors update weekly, to keep you updated with fresh ideas.

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