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Each week, I post a Bargain Meal idea, based on our local New Seasons Market ad of the week. This week’s meal of Vegetarian Taco Salad is one of our favorite “lazy day” meals, that we regularly make while on vacations, or a busy day at home.

Instead of taco shells, I suggested a bag of the corn chips, which are on sale. Just give everyone a dish, and stack all the ingredients into a delicious salad! In place of sour cream in our home, we typically just use plain, whole milk yogurt (usually homemade). This is what I suggested in the recipe instead of sour cream, since yogurt is on sale this week. I omitted the taco sauce; I’ve never put both salsa and taco sauce on my salads. (But if you want some, go for it; it will just cost a little more.)

Click here for the full recipe:
Vegetarian Taco Salad
8 Taco Shells (Garden of Eatin’ organic corn chips on sale for $1.25/bag) = $1.25
1 (15 ounce) can Pinto Beans, rinsed, drained (Truitt Brothers on sale for 0.99/can) = $0.99
8 tablespoons Yogurt (Brown Cow Whole Milk Plain Yogurt on sale for $2.99/32 oz) = $0.32
8 tablespoons Salsa (Pace on sale for $2.99/16 oz) = $0.76
2 cups Lettuce, shredded (on sale for $1.50/head of leaf lettuce) = $0.75
1 cup Tomato, diced (based on 1/4 lb of Roma tomatoes) = $0.62
8 tablespoons Cheddar Cheese, shredded (Tillamook on sale for $5.99/2 lbs) = $0.32

Prepare according to recipe directions.

Total Cost: $5.01 for four servings

By the way, if you enjoyed my post on Coconut Water yesterday, you may be interested to note that Zico Coconut Water is on sale this week for $4.99/Liter and $1.50/11 oz; a great chance to stock up or give it a try!

Visit $5 Dinners for more Bargain Meal ideas, based on the sale ads in your area! Contributors update weekly, to keep you updated with fresh ideas.

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