Gratituesday: Thrift Store Finds

A couple weeks ago, we decided to visit the thrift store as a family. This is always a fun outing for everyone, as we explore the “odds & ends” and various “treasures” hidden in the store! We like to go to what I call the “bulk store”- the thrift store where most things are sold by weight. (Everything is just randomly dumped into bins, and requires lots of digging/sorting to find what you like.)

I usually try to visit once or twice a year to stock up on kids’ clothes; buying for seasons ahead. (This was one of my tasks that I chose to tackle during my recent “productive weeks.”) This really helps stretch the budget!

It is a great place to find “play clothes,” so that we don’t have to be concerned about ruining nicer items. But we occasionally find some things in wonderful condition, too; which is a fun surprise! God certainly blessed us on this trip with a handful of fabulous surprises.

As we dug through the bins, we unexpectedly found nice “like new” coats for all three of us; something Calvin & I have been needing for awhile (Gen just outgrew hers)! I also found a handful of cute shirt dresses for Gen (her favorite “uniform” for play, and easy for toileting trips!), along with a cartload of other items for now/later. I even found a few newborn clothing items with the original store tags still on, to use for the baby this summer!

During our search, I was shocked to discover an incredible find at the bottom of one of the bins: eighteen Bumkins diapers! Many of them are well-stained, so they’ll definitely be undergoing a good series of Biokleen/washing treatments.

We also each chose a “non-clothing” item for fun. Gen came home with a package of crayons (she goes through these quickly during her creative endeavors), and Calvin chose an old movie for date nights at home. I was on a search to find a pretty ceramic plate/saucer to use under a large candle in our bedroom (to replace the “classy” paper plate that was currently catching the wax drips!), and I found a nice little white one that will be just right.

We filled our shopping cart to overflowing, and took it to the cashier’s scale. The total cost?


What a blessing! We are so thankful that God has provided clothing for our children in this coming season, coats for all of us, and the incredible blessing of diapers (retailing at $22.95 apiece!), for just pennies per item.

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