Living A Simple Life-Part 52 (A Simple Visit)

Simple Thurs

This past weekend, we traveled to visit friends and family. It was a lovely, simple time of experiencing daily life with those dear to us. It wasn’t necessarily a “special occasion” for us to show up, and it was nice to just experience “regular life” with them.

At one point, when Gen fell asleep for a nap in the car, we spontaneously decided to just keep driving to the next town, in order to visit a long-time friend of the family (affectionately known as the “Fairy Godmother”). :) She has frequently sent handmade wooden toys as gifts for Gen, but hasn’t really been able to ever meet her! We decided this was the perfect opportunity.

It was a pleasantly simple visit, as we watched the birds and squirrels at the feeders on her back porch, and Gen played with the toy trucks filling her living room. We were also able to go outside and visit her chickens! It was nice to spend some time chatting, and sharing our life with her. We picked up ingredients for a quick fish dinner at home from the local market, on our way back out of town.

We were also blessed to be able to attend a friend’s baby shower, and were thrilled for the opportunity to hold this new little life in our arms! What a sweet reminder of the miraculousness of life. (And what a surreal experience to feel those tiny feet kicking and wiggling against me, while our own little one kicked back with similar motions from inside my belly!) While we were there, Gen was loved playing outside with the other kids- riding the horse (with help!), climbing the play equipment to go on the slide, and collecting sticks & flowers in the lawn.

It was a blessing to share hand-me-down clothes from Gen for a little friend one year younger than she, to deliver a handful of homemade thank you cards, and to visit with friends of all ages! We also came home with boxes of “hand-me-downs” for me: maternity clothes! There were even enough clothes, that I’ve been able to share some items with other local pregnant mamas, too. 

We celebrated Calvin’s mom’s birthday with a simple bean soup and cake supper, and immensely enjoyed an evening of laughter together, as she opened her gifts. (Although they did catch me nodding off on the couch at one point! oops!) 
Worshipping in church with family is always one of our favorite joys during our visits, followed by a simple Sunday lunch together afterward. My sweet sister-in-law picked me some fresh oregano to grace my gluten-free meal, and we brainstormed over our month’s co-op orders together. (See photos on this post.) 
At one point during the weekend, Calvin even had a delightful snowball fight with his sisters and brother-in-law, with a lingering patch of snow in the shade! (Gen would say “Poor Daddy” whenever she thought he was getting picked on, though… his lovely, loyal daughter!) :) 

We thank God for his incredible blessings!

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