Passover Delights

I’ve been in “super productivity mode” this past week (thank you, pregnancy nesting hormones!). I’m looking forward to sharing some of this week’s projects with you all soon!

In the meantime, I wanted to give you a glimpse into our Passover (by request)!

We had a nice Passover, with friends visiting us for dinner (that’s always the best part- no matter what you serve!). We had a selection of vegetarian items on the menu for our guests, in addition to some of our other traditional dishes. 

I prepared gluten-free dishes (including my own matzo), so that it was simple to share the meal with everyone. Our friends blessed us by bringing the gallons of grape juice (served in “fancy glasses” for everyone) and boxes of matzo as essential parts of the meal.

We tried to keep it fun for the kids; we read the Passover story from Gen’s “Jesus Storybook Bible,” they had fun searching for the hidden matzo, and opening the door for Elijah. The parsley (dipped in salt water) was a surprising highlight, but, as usual, the horseradish/romaine was a bit too spicy/bitter for everyone’s tastes (although a wonderful illustration for us all!). I added my ever-present rose water to the hand-washing pitcher, for a special touch to this ritual.

We used our own family’s version of a “simplified Haggadah” in attempting to keep it within a manageable timeframe for everyone (especially little ones’ attention spans!), and ended with singing “Hallelujah/Praise Ye the Lord.”

A blessed Holy Week to you, friends!

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  • Awesome! I would like to do a small passover at home. The last 3 years I have gone with my parents to their messianic judiasm group passover. It was huge but really fun. It’s amazing to see all the similarities of passover and resurrection. Ah, I love Jesus… just saying! =)


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