Happy May Day

Isn’t May Day one of the sweetest holidays? Creating pretty little springtime flowery gifts for friends is such fun! Definitely one of my favorite days.

This year, I was inspired by this Quick Brooch Tutorial, for a different take on the “flower theme” of the day, since we don’t have any flowers ready for picking at our house yet. (We do have a small batch of bleeding hearts blooming, along with a yard-full of dandelions, but I wasn’t about to pick either of those!)

I decided to go with a combination of thrifted/vintage items for the brooch. I used a floral fabric from a thrift store skirt, a heavy “stiff” fabric from an army-green jacket (from off of Freecycle), a vintage button from a thrift store, and “odds & ends” from my ribbon stash. I used a pale sage green thread to zig-zag stitch around the edges.  Click on the photos to see them in a larger format. 

I didn’t bother to cut out a pattern first, as she suggests in the directions; that seemed too formal for the “free-hand” design I was going for. (But if you really can’t manage to cut out a free-hand circle, I can certainly see the benefits of a pattern!)  

After Calvin left to take Gen out for a “day with Dad” (returning borrowed items, visiting the hardware store, DEQ, etc.), I got to work starting to cut out fabric. (I had intended to start this the night before, but never got to it.) But then, there were little knocks on my front door! I was thrilled with the surprise of a May Day present of my own (my first ever!).

However, the recipient of the May Day Brooch was standing on my doorstep, and it wasn’t completed yet! Oops! Thankfully, I was able to finish it quickly, and it was delivered to her later in the morning. (And I even remembered to take photos of it for you!)

If you’re planning on making gifts for Mother’s Day, this would be a great option. Choose some of Mom’s favorite colors, and have fun! 

Hope you had a Happy May Day, friends! Did you do anything special to celebrate? 

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