Living A Simple Life-Part 56 (Early Summer Joys)

This week, after finally feeling recovered from my pneumonia/sinus bug, I joyfully jumped back into my household activities.

Among other things, I’ve been doing a lot of sewing (mostly gifts and baby-preparation, plus some Etsy orders).

While I was sick, I enjoyed browsing through the The Crafter’s Companion book, and I was inspired to create a “Pillowcase Apron” as a birthday gift for a friend. Following Hillary Lang’s directions shown in the book, I used a sweetly embroidered pillowcase from the thrift store. (Click on the photos to view them in a larger format.)

We are also all enjoying a freshly-cleaned house! Calvin suggested I “take the day” off, and go out on an outing by myself, while he shampooed the carpets. (I had ordered Biokleen’s Carpet Shampoo in our co-op order earlier this month, to be prepared for this necessary task.)

He did a wonderful job, and while he was at it, also cleaned a “Road Rug” that we had found at our earlier thrift store trip. (We’ve been storing it in our shed, until it could get suitably cleaned for little ones to play on!) I’d had one of these on our “baby wish list,” since I had loved one as a child. We were thrilled to find one! Gen has now been enjoying playing on it with her toy cars and horses. It just stays on the floor in her room, as part of the “decor.”
During my “outing alone,” I picked up sewing supplies for many of the projects listed on the right-side of my blog, as well as visiting a local thrift store for their “50% off everything” sale. I picked up some inexpensive linens to use for our homebirth, a few baby clothes for this winter, and some other necessary odds & ends.

With our clean carpets, plus the gorgeous weather, we’ve enjoyed opening our home for hospitality once again. We were able to have a spontaneous birthday party for a friend this week, and ate our dinner outdoors on the back deck. (What a perfect simple pleasure- a meal with friends!)

I’ve been hanging all of our laundry on the new clothesline, that Calvin installed for me in the backyard, and I love smelling the “outdoors” scent as I fold our clothes. Our garden is sprouting, and we were able to eat some lettuce from our garden with our dinner tonight. Delicious!

As the sun sets, I hear Calvin strumming lullabies on his guitar, and he’s set me down with what is becoming our nightly routine- a lavender foot soak (epsom salts & lavender essential oil, stirred into a basin of warm water)– perfect for a pregnant mama’s tired feet, after being on them all day! . So, I bid you a good night, friends.

Spring is heading into summer…. what have you been doing during this season? I’d love to hear!

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