Simple Homemade Gift for a Child: Traveling Crayons

With my oldest nephew’s third birthday quickly approaching, I’ve been brainstorming homemade gift ideas, trying to think up something fun to give this fabulous little guy! (Wow, we sure miss him; he lives 3000 miles away.) 

As the big brother of twin boys (and another little boy on the way!), I wanted to send him something just for him; that won’t have to necessarily be instantly shared with the little ones.

Along with a set of popsicle molds (and a recipe card of natural homemade popsicle recipes for his mama), I decided to send him a Crayon Roll.

Inspired by this sewing tutorial, I pulled out my supplies. I found the tutorial simple to follow, and a pleasure to sew; especially since I got to use one of my favorite items: red rickrack!
(Click on the photos to view them in a larger format.)

Knowing the typical results of handing my toddler a handful of crayons, I suspected his parents would not be too keen on the idea of handing their sweet son over a dozen crayons at once. 

So, I adjusted the measurements to create a smaller “travel size” Crayon Roll, to hold 8 crayons instead of 16. (I cut the length of the fabric measurements in half, but kept them the same height.) 
The smaller size will also be a better fit in this family’s full diaper bag, while on an outing or in church.

This project was so quick to complete. It’s too bad I didn’t actually get started on this project earlier; I was late getting it to the post office, so he will be receiving a belated birthday gift!
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