The Simple Woman’s Daybook

May 4th, 2009
Outside my window: A soft rainfall, and a maple tree full of new green leaves. 
I am thinking: Today is going to be a “no nap” day. (sigh)
From the learning rooms: Preparing Mother’s Day gifts to mail. A children’s “praise songs” CD from the library has been a recent favorite; Gen keeps asking for the “hallelujah music.” 
I am thankful for: A sweet phone call from a friend today. 
From the kitchen: Lots of rosehip tea, raw honey, garlic, and cayenne, along with lots of water for treating our colds. 
I am wearing: A knee-length navy blue cotton maternity jumper with a pale blue-green T-shirt and a blue Fair Isle cardigan sweater. 
I am creating: May birthday/Mother’s Day gifts to mail. 
I am reading: Sorting through a stack of magazines, pulling out clippings, and preparing to donate the rest to the “free magazine box” at the library. Library books were returned yesterday, so I just completed some books. (I have more on hold, and am looking forward to when they arrive!) 

I am hoping: I hope this cough/cold bug leaves our home soon, and we are all back to health. 
I am hearing: Gen singing in the bathroom. 
Around the house: Laundry is ready to come out of the washing machine; definitely headed for the dryer on this rainy day! 
One of my favorite things: Quiet reading times on a rainy day, with a cup of tea. 
A few plans for the week: Recuperating from our colds, and taking it easy. Perhaps a picnic dinner mid-week. (You can see our picnic basket in the photo below, in our dining room.) 
A picture thought I am sharing: A “pregnant belly photo” from this past weekend. (The obviously blank spot on the wall is reserved for a future baby portrait, to match the one of Gen on the facing wall.) 
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