Bargain Meal of the Week: Easy Summer Meal


Each week, I post a Bargain Meal idea, based on our local New Seasons Market ad of the week. Even if you don’t have a New Seasons near by you, these recipes can give you “quick & easy” meal ideas to stretch your budget.

One of my favorite summer meals is a quick, cold salad with sustainable Oregon bay shrimp. It’s sold already cooked in the butcher/fish section by the pound, and I love to pick up a scoop whenever our budget allows. I don’t necessarily follow a recipe, but I’ll attempt to write one out for you with my estimated measurements. (Sale prices are in red.)

Summer Shrimp Salad
1 lb. cooked Bay Shrimp (on sale $3.99/lb) = $3.99
1/4 cup minced Celery (on sale $0.79/lb) = $0.09
6 oz plain Yogurt (Greek Yogurt on sale $0.99/6oz) = $0.99
Season to taste with dashes of the following:
Lemon Pepper (or lemon juice)
Parsley and/or Basil
Salt & Pepper
ground Celery Seed (or celery salt)

Mix all ingredients together, seasoning to taste.

Serve scoops of the salad on top of fresh lettuce or spinach from the garden (free!), and slices of homemade bread ($0.76). If you have any nasturtium blossoms in your garden, those are fun to toss into a seafood salad, too! Fresh fruit or tomatoes are delicious additions, if you have them on hand, but aren’t necessary.

Total Cost: $5.83 (for four servings)

Visit $5 Dinners for more Bargain Meal ideas, based on the sale ads in your area! Contributors update weekly, to keep you updated with fresh ideas.

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