Father’s Day Gift

Priceless little [wiggly!] fingerprints, along with a poem, and a new Set of Tiny Wooden Cars.

At age 2 1/2, this was the first year Gen was really able to participate in preparing a Father’s Day gift for Daddy, and she had so much fun! 
Over the years we’ve been married, I have given Calvin a Father’s Day gift each year- even before we had children and were struggling with infertility. Most years, the gift was a little toy car. This year, there are three- so he won’t have any trouble sharing. 😉  What a blessing to finally celebrate the day with a little one “stealing” away your gift! 
I’ve already dug these little cars out from under the washing machine, stove, and other furniture crevices, but each time I look at them, I remember those days without little cars underfoot. 

And a little tear of joy squeeks out… as I try to haul my pregnant tummy off the floor, after peering under the appliances.  

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