Graituesday: Annual Beach Trip

A couple weeks ago, we combined our annual May beach trip with our annual summer camping trip with friends. (We typically would have gotten together with them later in the summer, but since I may be delivering our baby at that time, we chose to move the trip to May!) :) We met at the coast for a beautiful weekend!

It was so nice to get back to our favorite camping spot (#32!) that we’ve been going to for years, and fall asleep to the sound of the waves. We loved having a restful weekend of being together as a family. The first night, the three of us took a sunset walk on the beach. It was beautiful!

We loved having the chance to catch up with old friends, and our girls had fun playing together, now that they’re old enough.

They did a great job of sharing toy cars & ponies, “helping” fly the kite, and had so much fun exploring the sand and water!

Gen & Calvin had their usual dunk in the cold ocean, as they couldn’t resist touching those big white waves! The warm sunshine plus a campfire dried them off quickly, though.
We are so thankful that God provided us with this little vacation!

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