Happy Father’s Day

The living, the living—they praise you, 

as I am doing today; 
fathers tell their children 
about your faithfulness.
The LORD will save me, 
and we will sing with stringed instruments 
all the days of our lives 
in the temple of the LORD.
Isaiah 38:19-20

My Beloved,
Gen & I had so much fun preparing your gift for you today. (Hopefully we got all the fingerpaint cleaned up!) :) We love celebrating you.

Thank you so much for how you love our children, and pray for them everyday. I love how you desire to teach them what is right and introduce them to the joys of simple pleasures. Thank you for being so willing to spend the long night hours massaging and rocking a fussy little one who just wants to snuggle in Daddy’s strong arms, and hear you sing the same wordless tune over and over again.

I love being a parent with you, and am excited for the days to come.

Love always,

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