Living A Simple Life-Part 57 (Summer Excitement)

This afternoon, as I was kneading dough for our homemade pizza dinner, I looked out the window to see a storm rolling in with big, black clouds. (I’d been “predicting” stormy weather all day; since I always get strong Braxton Hicks contractions on the days when the air pressure changes with thunderstorms!)

We all rushed outside to catch the laundry blowing in the gusts of wind, and to get it all off the line before the rain set in (as I was scrambling to rinse dough off my hands and breathe through the contractions)! (Well, Gen mostly just danced around, laughing in the hilarity of the moment…)

Once we were all inside, we thrilled at watching the thunder and lightening storm through the windows, as I folded the laundry. (Aren’t summer storms the best?) :) Definitely a simple pleasure of life- as long as everyone is safe, of course.

Once the storm had mostly passed over, it was such a delight to step out onto the porch and breathe in the smell of the fresh, clean air, combined with the scent of damp soil and flowers!

Calvin had planned on putting more seeds into our garden this afternoon, but ended up having to shampoo the carpet in Gen’s room (again!) after she made a HUGE mess. Guess that “sacrificing plans” thing is all part of parenting… especially with a creative child! :) Earlier in the week, Gen also got her first bee sting. Thankfully, I was able to treat it at home, and she was just fine!

I did get a chance to tackle a bunch of weeding in the garden and rose flowerbeds earlier this week, though, thankfully. I loved smelling the heavenly rose perfume, as I cleared tangling vines and grasses from their stems. I picked a small rose bouquet to place on our table, for further enjoyment by the whole family, plus a lovely lavender-colored bloom as a token gift for a friend. We’ve also been enjoying lots of fresh lettuce from our garden for lunches and dinners each day.

This morning, Calvin planned a date for the two of us, and arranged for Gen to spend a couple hours with friends. (She loved “playing” with their chickens!) Calvin got a free pass for the day (from the library) to the Pittock Mansion (full of easily accessible antiques; certainly not a place for our rambunctious daughter at this age!).

It was a special treat to spend a couple quiet hours together, and we really enjoyed exploring this piece of history. We loved being able to “step back in time” as we toured each room. My feet certainly got tired after climbing those stories of marble staircase, though!

Earlier this week, we visited friends for their housewarming/birthday BBQ, and I baked chocolate cake for the occasion. It was fun to visit with friends that we hadn’t seen in awhile, and to spend time enjoying the summer weather. Then, later in the week, Calvin’s dad was in town for business, so he joined us for dinner.

A pot of chili and a large pan of coconut apple crisp made a simple, enjoyable meal to share. (I made big batches of both desserts, and put the leftovers in the freezer for our “after baby” meal stash; which also kept us from “snacking” on large amounts of these sweets throughout the week.) The joys of friendships and family are such a precious gift from God, and part of living simply is ensuring that we allow time for this treasure.

I wish you a pleasant evening friends! I’m off to enjoy a mug of homemade hot cocoa.

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