Living A Simple Life Part 58 (Blessings in a Busy Season)

The past couple days have been busy ones (thus, my limited online posting!). We have been enjoying the summer together as a family, amazed at the development of our little girl, and preparing for the arrival of our new little blessing.

Last weekend, Calvin whisked me away for a quick trip to a bed & breakfast at the coast, while a dear friend stayed with Gen. We were only gone about 19 hours, but it was a nice restful time together. He surprised me with a breakfast in bed of gluten-free cinnamon rolls from a local bakery (we had a discounted rate on our stay, since I wasn’t able to eat the B&B’s food).

Other surprises up his sleeve included a small bar of gourmet dark chocolate, and painting my toenails with a “healthy alternative” polish! We enjoyed walking in the cool coastal breeze together along the pier, and having uninterrupted adult conversation. (Although this little baby still insisted on waking me up at 6 am with sweet little kicks and wiggles!)

On Wednesday, we used our zoo membership pass for a morning visit. Gen had a list of requests to see, after recently looking through a few books about animals! Her requests included seeing the bats, elephants, ducks, chickens, and giraffe. It was a cool morning, perfect for a brisk morning walk through her favorite exhibits.

Yesterday, we had a midwife appointment in the morning, and then a pediatrician appointment in the afternoon. (I was sure tired by the end of Thursday!) Both appointments went really well. The midwives confirmed that I had correctly ascertained our baby’s head-down position, after it had turned this week, and everything seems well. They are planning for their visit to our home in July.

When we initially arrived at the pediatrician’s office, Gen insisted we were there for “Daddy’s [pretend] owie,” so the doctor let her “take care of daddy” with a band-aid- by administering it to the top of his head. :) Once the exam started, she actually had fun. Gen liked seeing the numbers pop up on the digital scale, trying out the otoscope light, and “listening” to her heartbeat with the stethoscope. The bucket of stickers to choose from was definitely a highlight, as well!

The pediatrician was amazed at Gen’s vocabulary, and said she seemed more like a 3-year-old, than a 2-year-old in many areas. She urged us to do more focused homeschool preschool with her, as well as increasing her “older kid books,” instead of “toddler activities” geared toward most children her age. This pretty much confirmed what we had already been suspecting, but it was interesting to have that confirmation.

The pediatrician was excited about our homebirth plans, saying “that’s the best way to do it!” and actually recommended a plan of delayed/omitting vaccinations for our children, as she does for her own little ones. (It was so nice to have a healthcare provider that supported our desires for our family!)

As we have been attempting to prepare for our new little one with meals in the freezer, herbal home remedies in the medicine box, basic newborn diapering items, and our midwifery bill coming due soon, it has been tempting to step into worry about a very tight budget.

But this morning, I awoke early to the sound of a gentle summer rain outside the open window, along with small wind chimes in the breeze. As I listened to this simple beauty, I read through a few passages in one of my favorite devotional books Come Away My Beloved. I was blessed to spend some quiet time in prayer, as Gen thankfully slept until a reasonable hour!

As I prayed for His wisdom and direction upon our family, I was reminded that God is faithfully providing for us, and walking with us through each challenging season. He is asking us to simply walk in faith, and I look forward to seeing how He will work in the days to come.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6

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