Living A Simple Life Part 59 (Beginning Preschool!)

I haven’t been online much this week (which is why I am just now getting this post up!), but I have a bunch of things saved up to share with you soon!

We started our first week of “homeschooling preschool” this week, and Gen loves it! This morning, after “doing school,” she came and found me in the kitchen, and said “Thank you so much for doing school, Mama!” (Aww… that totally made my day!) :)

On Monday, I spent a quiet couple of hours by myself at the library putting together lesson plans for the next few weeks (about 4 days a week), and printing some things off. I also checked out a stack of “big kid books” to go with our lessons.

We’re keeping things simple for now, working with Gen in the ways she seems to learn (and enjoy) the best; mainly focusing on one letter a week. At this point, I’m not purchasing an expensive curriculum or “stressing” about her meeting benchmarks. I’m just being a mama, giving my little one resources for learning.

It has been so exciting to see Gen blossoming in just this short time of “doing school.” She loves knowing that we have acknowledged her growing abilities, and that she’s “not a baby.” She is loving all the stories, crafts, and other activities. We also incorporate our family Bible/singing times with what she is learning that week (loosely based on the “My Father’s World” concept, but keeping it very basic for now.)

We made a point to create a summer family calendar that incorporates her learning into everyday life (such as gardening, picnics, and cooking), but also some special “Daddy date” times (such as swimming at the public pool today). We envision that these special one-on-one times will be especially important once the baby arrives.

After this week, Gen has been able to identify the letter “A”! She loved the “field trip” to Daddy’s work to see the ambulance, and last week’s trip to the zoo to see the alligator. She has been pretending to be an alligator ever since our zoo trip, and had fun making an alligator paper bag puppet as a school project!

With these new schooling endeavors this week, I have been working on trying to develop a new routine for my days (which is why blogging was pretty sparse). We seem to be developing a predictable pattern (hopefully!). I have allowed plenty of room in our lesson plans for “days off” (for outings, or those crazy mornings when a little person just needs extra rest).

So, what are you doing this summer? I’d love to hear!

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