Too Much of a Good Thing?

This week, we have been thankful for God’s abundant provision during a “tight grocery budget” month. We’ve been blessed with a box of tomatoes and onions from Calvin’s work (leftover from a BBQ), which I made into marinara sauce and salads. A friend gave us beets from her CSA share to clean out her fridge while on vacation. Plus, our garden has been producing well.

Earlier in the month, I had ordered a turkey from our natural foods co-op, and received one weighing over 15 lbs! I didn’t want any of it to go to waste, so after cooking it up, I made turkey broth from the bones last night. We ended up with 3 gallons of broth! I made turkey soup for dinner, but that barely made a “dent” in it.

Normally, this isn’t an issue. We just pour it all into jars, and store it in our freezer. (We just have the little freezer above the refrigerator.) But since I’ve been freezing meals for when the baby is born, we didn’t have anymore room! Plus, we still have broth in there from a chicken last month, along with my new jars of strawberry freezer jam.

Jar after jar came out of storage. We used up all our quart jars, and moved onto pints. I started scrounging around the kitchen for more lids. We just had to laugh at what was becoming a predicament… as the clock ticked closer to 10 pm.

I was able to rearrange things in the refrigerator to make room for all the jars (not all of them are shown in the photo; there are more on another shelf), and we went to bed.

This morning, opening the fridge to make breakfast, I just had to laugh some more as I looked at those jars. We’ll certainly use some (it’s great for cooking grains, beans, etc., as well as soups), but really… any of you local folks- please invite yourselves over for a soup dinner, or stop by my house to pick up a few jars! Please. (Yeah, it’s 90 degrees here; I’m sure you’re all craving a bowl of soup right now.) :)

I think we may have ended up with too much of a good thing. (But in the back of my mind, I’m wondering… what plan does God have in store for this broth? He always seems to have a reason for His provision…)

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